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Highly valued during millenniums, the oils of Mediterranean nuts are in the roots of our nutrition and gastronomy. They are jewels of ancestral origin that we continue to produce in the same traditional way through a process of cold press from our pistachios, almonds and olives of biodynamic farming.


A dark green, intense aroma and a unique lingering flavour. Ideal for salads and soups, as a dressing for vegetables and suitable for meat and fish roasts; the extra virgin pistachio oil surprises and improves the taste sensations.
Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, with a high proportion of polyphenols and antioxidant properties.


A product of fascinating depth, which adds taste to marinades and vinaigrettes, to salads and light sautées. The extra virgin Marcona (almond) oil also offers great possibilities in confectionary.
High composition of vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids.


Liquid gold, a source of health and taste, an essential pillar in the Mediterranean diet. The extra virgin Cornicabra (olive) oil is indispensable both in the traditional kitchen as well as in the most contemporary gastronomy. Strong in flavour but at the same time well balanced, an amazing palate taste with a series of great beneficial properties, such as its energy contribution and the high content of unsaturated fats.


The range of the GULIUS oils are commercialised in elegant glass bottles of 100 and 250 ml, which are all presented in an exquisite individual box. Each logistic box includes 6 individual boxes of 100 or 250 ml.